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Dr. Sara Keen and her team at The Dental Loft in Colorado Springs CO are pleased to offer the Kleer Membership Plan and CareCredit, to help our patients receive dental care at affordable rates. Patients can choose the care plan that fits into their budget, and each plan includes exclusive discounts on treatments.

Customized Kleer Membership Plan

No dental insurance plan? No problem. With a Kleer membership plan, you can create a personalized oral health plan. For a low monthly membership fee, you get access to the dental services and oral care you need. 

With a Kleer plan, you choose your coverage level. Plans are available for children, adults, and families at an affordable cost, and the terms are simple and transparent with no hidden fees, costs, and hassles.  Signing up is quick and easy, and your benefits will start immediately.  Learn more about Kleer and sign up for your membership today, and get access to the comprehensive, affordable care you need!



We accept financing through CareCredit, and we also accept payment made with more traditional means such as cash, checks, and credit cards.