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Treating cavities with dental fillings

Without proper care, a lot can go wrong with your smile. Cavities, also known as tooth decay, are just one of many dental issues that may arise. Tooth decay is often caused by poor oral health habits, such as inadequate brushing or flossing daily. Sugars and acids on the teeth create holes within the enamel, which can put the inner canals of a tooth at risk of infection. To avoid this, cavities caught in their earlier stages are often treated with dental fillings. Dr. Sarah Keen and her team at The Dental Loft in Colorado Springs, Colorado, often encourage patients to ask about the different types of fillings available, even though the most popular option used in our facility is tooth-colored fillings.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Dr. Keen describes tooth-colored fillings as a type of direct composite filling. This means the filling is placed directly into the cavity rather than being made in a lab and then fitted into the natural tooth. A tooth-colored filling is made from a putty-like composite resin material that is then matched to the natural color of your teeth. The resin is then placed into the cavity, where it is hardened and cured using a special light.

What are the benefits of tooth-colored fillings for my smile?

Tooth-colored fillings offer many benefits when compared to other types of dental fillings. For starters, tooth-colored fillings are much less noticeable than metal fillings. This is because they are made to resemble the natural color of your teeth. These fillings do not expand and contract with temperature changes, ensuring that bacteria cannot enter the tooth. With proper care and attention, composite resin fillings can last many years!

Am I a good candidate for white cavity fillings?

Patients with cavities are often able to seek treatment using fillings to restore the natural tooth unless the damage is extensive, deep, or the tooth has become infected. The best way to know for sure is by booking a consultation appointment at The Dental Loft with Dr. Sarah Keen. Colorado Springs, CO area patients can call (719) 749-7997 to request an appointment at 3582 Blue Horizon View, Suite #164. The practice accepts patients in and around the area to ensure the entire community has access to quality dental care!